High Transfer Speeds

By taking full advantage of the DMA support provided by your hard-drive, and using dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times, BurstCopy will significantly reduce the time you spend waiting for files to transfer.

Retry / Skip Errors
With BurstCopy, any errors that you may typically encounter will not terminate your transfer. A friendly window will inform you of the error, and allow you to choose the appropriate action (skip, retry, abort). With its help you can easily recover from errors like unreadable files, temporary network disconnections, or a simple disk full.
Transfer Rate Display

The transfer rate is displayed at all times. This way you will constantly know how fast the files are being transferred from source to destination.

Available in Twelve Languages
BurstCopy's interface is available in twelve languages.
Arabic Danish English
French Italian Korean
Polish Romanian Simplified Chinese
Slovenian Swedish Traditional Chinese
Pause and Resume Transfers

It is a known fact that file transfers can slow down other applications that try to use the hard-drive. Using BurstCopy's pause and resume functions, you can temporarily suspend transfers, while your other programs get exclusive access to the hard-drive. This will for example be useful when you have a long transfer under way, and you need to start a large program. You could just pause the transfer while the program starts, and then resume it.

Skin Support

The transfer window supports skinning, and you can therefore customize its look. Available skins include progress bar skins, and various Windows XP skins.

Noise Reduction

If your hard-drive is typically noisy during file transfers, you will be happy to find out that there is a great reduction in generated noise during BurstCopy transfers. This is a direct result of the methods used to increase the transfer speed and comes at no performance expense.

All Confirmations Are Displayed On Transfer Start

All transfer confirmations (such as the move and overwrite of files) are displayed at the beginning of the transfer. This way you can leave the transfer unattended, without the fear that a confirmation window will interrupt it.

Batch File Support

For users that regularly transfer the same files or folders, BurstCopy provides support for batch file scripting, complete with network notification.

Network Notification of Transfer Status

While using batch files, you can for example start a long transfer and move over to another computer. You can configure BurstCopy to send network notifications over to that computer, informing you of transfer errors, or transfer completion.

Audio Notification of Transfer Status

If your transfers last more than one minute, a short beep will notify you of encountered errors, or transfer end. You could therefore go to another room, or switch to another computer nearby, and hear the audio notification.


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