BurstCopy Development Section

For any and all inquiries regarding BurstCopy development, please e-mail us at


The development of third-party language packs is supported.
BurstCopy Language Pack Specifications v1.04

Prior to the actual localization process, we recommend that you e-mail us to make sure someone else isn't already working on translating the application to your language.

Fully translated language packs should be sent to dev@burstcopy.com for inclusion with the BurstCopy distribution. We reserve the right to refuse any translation if it doesn't meet our quality criterias, and we fail to resolve the issues with the translator.

Skin Development

For reference and guidelines into the development of BurstCopy skins, please read through the following file.
BurstCopy Skin Specifications v1.01 - Not yet available.

Send finished skins to dev@burstcopy.com for potential inclusion with the BurstCopy distribution. Decision whether to include the received skin or not will mostly be based on the skin's quality, and the feeling that it brings a plus to the application.

Skins that fail to make it into the main distribution will be placed for download on our website, provided that they meet the requirements specified in Chapter 2 - "Inclusion" - of the above skin specifications.


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