Enabling DMA on Windows 9X Systems

Right click the My Computer icon on the desktop and click Properties.

Select the Device Manager page on the window that appears. Locate your hard-drive as highlighted below, and double click it.


Open the Settings page on the window that appears.


Activate the DMA checkbox as highlighted below.


Windows generates the following warning message indifferent of your hard-drive model. Most hard-drives manufactured after the year 1998 support DMA.


The window should now look something like this, and you should click the OK button to save the changes.


A message box asking you to restart your system will now pop up. For the settings to take effect, you need to proceed with the restart operation. Make sure you have saved your work before doing so however.


That's it, you've just enabled DMA. Depending on the number of devices you have on your system, it could be useful to do this on all of them.

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