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How can this application copy files so much faster than Windows?

Is it possible to download files better than with non-resumable Internet Explorer? Or defragment a hard-drive faster and more optimal than with Windows' defrag utility? Is it possible to edit images better than with Windows' Paint? Or edit text documents better than with Notepad? What about repartitioning hard-drives? Is Windows' fdisk always up to the task?

Windows has been designed to be a heavily third-party improvable operating system. While this may sound absurd to some, it is true in every respect. Let's ponder on this affirmation for a second or two. What would Microsoft have to gain from making Windows the perfect operating system? Sure, they could hire a few more thousand programmers to write every gadget and application you could ever desire, but would it be worth it? It would primarily stiffle application development on their platform and bring about antitrust lawsuits. Not a desirable state indeed.

Therefore it should not be too big of a surprise that things which you consider normal and efficient, eventually turn out to be heavily improvable.

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